Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1 of 10 top Booster Gold Stories

1. Booster becomes a leader and meets his match

Justice League: Generation Lost. I admit it took me a while to chose the one spot and yes this is for the Booster related parts. I picked this one because of how well it develops the characters' journey and explores things that weren't really seen in other books. It even promotes Skeets from a sidekick to an active member of the league. Skeets fits in well as he provides information and is even treated like an equal. While other writers would backtrack on Boosters' character development to have him relapse in his grief over Ted Kord (an issue that had already been accepted under Jurgens) Winick doesn't focus on that aspect. Sure Teds' death is mentioned at least twice since Booster is fighting his friends' murderer and the lie that's spread over Teds' death. But those are really minor points in the story. Booster takes command so naturally his teammates are shocked to realize their following him.

This touches on plot points that have been developing for years as Booster proves how much he's grown as a Time Master. He doesn't have to struggle with being an outsider in the superhero community that never gets any credit for his deeds. He's already living that life and provides strength to his teammates. At the end most of them are in the dark about his true work but all of his friends know how heroic he is. Issues like dragging Jaime along are briefly brought up further cementing their growing relationship.

The thing that really helps this one stand out is the fact that Booster Gold finally has a worthy arch-enemy. As much as I adored the Broderick story the character more or less had a truce with our hero. Mr. Mind and most of the Time Masters were more known for being rogues for other heroes. While Black Beetle had the makings of a good villain we don't know his backstory. We don't know if he has any personal history with Booster and really he seemed more like a foe for Rip. For the first time since Maxwell Lord went bad he has depth. His fondness for Booster is clear and makes a compelling story. It's making the best out of a bad situation (making Lord a bad guy in the first place.) Max helped Booster live out his dream of being part of a Justice League. It's only logical that bond should be explored.

In the flashback Max likes how gutsy Booster is and it doesn't seem farfetched in saying he sees someone that shares the same qualities he has. More than any other story since we learn of Boosters' destiny this tale fills in a gap between Booster the class clown and the Time Master. I'm not sure if Winick realized this when he wrote it but think about it. While heroic Booster doesn't quite have the drive nor the skill with outwitting his enemies. I kept wondering where he'd learn these things since he becomes the best of the best. When he becomes the man that teaches Rip Hunter how to mastermind a chessmaster like plot that keeps him ahead of his enemies. Max Lord is the type of foe that instantly fills in that gap. He offers something all good enemies give the hero, a challenge they have to meet to better themselves. It's a shame that plot like so many others will never get explored.


  1. Winick drives me absolutely insane, because he CAN write so well, when he's in the mood. He did an excellent job with Booster, and Gavril, and yet was so abysmal when writing any of the women...but especially Tora.

    But yeah, Booster was pretty good in this book.

  2. I don't think he did a bad job with Bea or Mia. And his Marvel work had some strong ladies. But he can be either hit or miss.

  3. Both 52 and JL:GL are both enjoyable ensemble stories, but this one has more of a classic beat-em-up super hero story vibe. (Though 52 had far more Silver Age elements, it has Morrison's almost anti-"superhero" sensibility.) If we get one long-form Booster Gold story this good once every 5 years, I'll be satisfied.

  4. I feel the same. Whenever a character that's not Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. can have a good epic like tale (especially Booster) I'm thrilled. I root for the underdogs.