Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guest artist and news for RHATO

This doesn't surprise me (okay the guest artist does because I thought the new one was on board already) but I'm pretty excited.
First of all Kori still seems to be the focus, which is awesome. For all the little groan worthy cheesecake shots Rocofort does he always makes the boys look less amazing than Kori when she's front and center on the covers. It's really funny.

Seeing Superman isn't a huge shock since Lobdell is writing that too. But it's something I'm rather excited about. First is the alien connection with Kori, then the past connection he had with Jason. See Jason was the Robin in the famous "For the man who has everything" story. He saved everyone's lives by tossing the Black Mercy onto Mongul. Not that it's canon anymore (Jason said he never met an alien before when he's introduced to Kori) but still pretty cool. Post-Crisis Jason first met Superman in the Superman section of the two part crossover with Booster Gold (no he didn't meet Booster.) He was a big fan. Since Johns has Superman being close to Batman I'm wondering how much he knows about Jason Todd/Red Hood. Since no one knows Jason is hanging out with Kori and Roy I'm curious to see if this is when the beans are spilled.

Pus Roy said he tried to contact various members of the league. I wonder if that will come up.

I guess this means 15 is the Death Of the Family tie in.

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