Monday, August 27, 2012

New Justice League book and the other news

Apparently Liefield has said some unpleasant things since my last post including a fight with Scott Snyder (who comes off looking far better.)*sigh*

Anyway the main news that broke was a new Justice League book. I have no interest in said book or really see the point in it. I kind of feel like JLI was forced to shut down just for this book to exist. Maybe that's not true but the idea that a bunch of misfits coming together under the management of a government? That kinda sounds a little like JLI. At least people got back some of their favorites (yes Vibe has fans), J'onn is back in a league and Catwoman gets more focus. Other than that I really have no interest. I suppose this means more cancelled titles and more new books. Bleeding News thought there might be something for Stephanie Brown in the works but according to Didio there are still no current plans.


  1. I must admit to being intrigued by this book. I love J'onn, and I like Stargirl, and even Vibe, although that's mainly because Scipio LOVES him. I'm glad to see that Steve Trevor isn't actually dead.

    But man, I do love me some JLI.

  2. I'm glad some characters from the old DCU got brought back though.

    I think I'm going through JLI/Booster/Time Master withdrawn.