Friday, August 10, 2012

Changes to Lady Shiva? How Cass is affected

I raised an eyebrow at this one.

The line ""In this story, both Dick and Shiva have grown up some since their first encounter—they’re not teenagers anymore—so it’ll be fun to see how each fares in a fair fight. "

Implying Dick Grayson and Shiva are the same age (21.) This doesn't automatically mean that Cass doesn't exist (like Conner Hawke) or is extremely young. But it does mean that Shiva can't be her mother anymore. DC did the same thing to Cassandra Sandsmark since her dad (Zeus) is now Wonder Womans' dad. Granted having Shiva as Cass' mom was a retcon because of her comments under truth serum in Death in the Family. But I have no problem with that story being retconned further since it wasn't that great outside the Jason moments.


  1. I guess Cass is in that comicbook limbo where Wally, Stephanie and Donna are hanging out. It could be worse I guess.

  2. Although Morrison kept claiming she'd show up in Batman Inc. At this point I'd be shocked if any of these guys show up.