Monday, April 1, 2013

More Releases after Joker

I'm not sure of the order but there will be Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

This has to be the creepiest Harley I ever saw. I didn't care for the costume change but it's much better than other outfits she's worn. So this might just be the companies take of the characters rather than any version from the comics. I like the touch of the mallet having a outline of a face that says "Your face here" on it.

Pretty standard Superman. I'm not nearly into the character enough to buy it (or most of these) but he looks alright to me.

This isn't the best Catwoman figure I've seen, something feels very off. I like the head (although she has darker hair) but something--maybe the costume--isn't right.

This is alright but I'm not sure if I'd want to get it if it doesn't even have an unmasked head. For the price their asking I'd like to feel I paid a fair amount. Since I've seen 12" figures for cheaper there needs to be something.

Overall it's a predictible bunch of figures, the ones that are big names. I tend to get the lesser known ones. Yeah it's not likely that we'll get a Booster Gold but what about the Robins? If I knew they were making the four male Robins I'd get all of them and Batman as long as they had good sculpts. Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is one figure I'll never get. Huntress? Maybe. On the very off chance they's do Cass or Steph? Hell yeah. Hopefully their expand this line beyond the usual safe choices.

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