Monday, April 15, 2013

Thanks for addressing this Geoff Johns

Adoption has always been a stable of comics. I wasn't pleased to see how writers tend to favor the blood related children as being the "real deal" downplaying the importance and missing the point entirely.
Because others have been taken in and treated as these heroes children. Both the parent(s) and the children see themselves as family as do outsiders. Ignoring that is insulting and it's not how comics have been written (at least at DC) for a long time. Superman is adopted and that's a huge factor for the kind of man he became. In the last 'verse Lois and him even took in a child of their own.

While Batman has parented children in canon and different universes there's never been any doubt that the Robins (at least the boys) are his sons regardless of their parentage.  So I'm very pleased to see this talked about in the newest Justice League preview. SPOILERS under the cut.

Having Alfred and Jason be the ones to mention this makes a lot of sense although it's still weird to see them hanging out now that their cool with him. I like it but this just seems odd. Jason always had a problem seeing himself as someone Bruce loved like a son, he even states that in RHATO #6. Alfred of course doesn't see the difference between Damian and Jason (or the others for that matter) because they were all loved equally. He sees Bruce as his own son after all. I want to get this issue just for that exchange despite having no real interest in Justice League but I'll wait on this one because I decided to get a certain issue next week.

They "thought" Jason died? Uh he did. Unless he means the recent acid attack. Some of this does read off, like Jason seeing himself as just another Robin since he always thought he was the odd man out.

I never got the impression that Jason disliked Damian but missing him? They barely knew each other. Damian hated him. I got to feel for Jason getting tasered out of no where since all his family bonding moments start and/or end with this crap. But why was he wearing the helmet in the cave if Alfred is just going to yell his name in this scene? Is that a Batgirl case? Jasons' Robin suit looks like the old one.

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