Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Character Death hits rock bottom

SPOILERS for Injustice comic/game

So I've been picking up spoilers for this for awhile. Some of the concepts aren't the best but it takes place in a AU so I'm not upset. I had the link up that showed Bruce breaking up a fight between Green Arrow and a red Nightwing. He tells Ollie that it's not Dick but Damian in the outfit and Damian is responsible for Dicks' death. Naturally everyone thought this meant that he assassinated his big brother. Instead Damian betrays Batman and Nightwings' movements to Superman/Wonder Woman and they all fight the bad guys at Arkham. Team Superman want to kill the inmates which the older bat heroes object to. Dick tries to reason with Damian saying that murder isn't what they do which pisses Robin off. To the books' credit this was actually foreshadowed in earlier issues. (I haven't bought this series but I've seen the scans.) They argued and Damian threw one of Dicks' batons at his head only for it to be stopped by Superman.

That's echoed here only this time it hits Dick in the head and he falls on a rock. At first I thought his head was impaled on it. Looking at it again the book seems to imply his neck snapped upon impact, it even has a telltale crack sound effect. Damian feels guilty for accidently killing Dick and Bruce disowns him. To recap:

Jason Todd: Was betrayed by the mother he tried to protect. Beaten by Joker and his men. Died protecting his mother from an explosion.

Stephanie Brown: Was tortured and killed by Black Mask after refusing to tell him anything about Batman.

Damian Wayne: Tried to stop his mother, was shot, and impaled by his monstrous clone.

Dick Grayson: Annoyed someone, hit in the head with his own baton and dies because of a rock.

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