Thursday, April 25, 2013

All Star Westren 19

I wasn't thrilled with BOP, Sword of Sorcery was excellent but is ending and the last two pages of RHATO ruined a otherwise good issue. Solution? Booster Gold goodness.

I haven't read the back up yet but I wanted to write about this one.


By the way anyone hoping for me to talk about Hex at length, sorry but I don't know enough about him. Plus I kind of started this blog because of Booster and time travel in general so...yeah, this is pretty much a review on his appearance. After the last time he showed up I think us BG fans deserve something to gush over.

We all guessed it but it looks like Hex and Boosters' last meeting was erased via time travel. Not that I'd expect many writers to remember that anyway relaunch or not. The only complaint I have for this issue is that fact Booster goes by his codename (why not Michael Carter?) and wears his uniform in the past. Not just because a time traveler should know better but he's been there for weeks. Wouldn't it start to smell? But whatever it's still an awesome issue that has Hex and him strike up a unlikely partnership while both of them remain interesting and entertaining. The uniform draws the readers eyes to him making Booster the one this focuses on. Kudos to Palmiotti and Gray for writing Booster in character. It's a far cry from the supposed team leader of JLI that Johns and Didio wrote in the annual.

We get some good insight into Booster via what others say and his through his own actions. When he shows up in the past he honors the dying Sheriff by taking up his job and making a honest effort to bring justice to the town under his protection. The folks there seem to like him and overlook the way he dresses just because he's such a nice guy. Hex doesn't even have to look at him long to know Booster isn't a killer. Much to my surprise the two are kind of friendly, not even the fact they both draw guns on each other really phrases either for long. I thought Hex would be pissed at him, more than his alarm at Booster knowing who he was. But no, he just shrugs it off and becomes amused over the whole thing. Although there's still time for his mood to change. As is now the tradition between their meetings Hex drinks him under the table only this time Booster ends up throwing up. Well I guess that's better than crashing into someone.

Was it better than the Johns/Katz team up issue? No, but this is going to be an arc not one issue. WOO!

Say What?:

When asked where he's from Booster says Gotham. I hope this means he's still from Gotham in the future because the Canada thing was already a stretch.


  1. This was...fabulous. Booster can almost remember Jonah...but not quite. The dialogue was hilarious. Booster and Jonah make for such a superb odd couple.

    So glad they got Jonah out of Gotham!

  2. I didn't get that impression, I thought Booster remembered hearing about him not meeting him in person. They were great together. While it wasn't funnier than their last team up their interaction was better.

  3. I am amused that two people can read the same material and interpret something different. I didn't see any reason to believe that the previous meeting between Booster and Hex didn't happen, but you did. Which one of us is right? I suspect that given our different points of view, we both are.

    For the record, I justify my interpretation thusly: Hex doesn't remember Booster because Booster was disguised. Booster doesn't remember Hex because A) something is clearly wrong with Booster's memory, and B) Booster was drunk during their last meeting.

  4. I don't think anyone's wrong I'm just surprised. Though to be fair I did rush through reading it before work and reviewed most of it by memory. I'm more than fine with it still being canon. Though I'll be mildly miffed if he doesn't ride a horse drunk.

    Can you get into a fender bender type accident with horses?

  5. If anyone would be Booster.

  6. True. He has a talent for this kind of thing. ;)