Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birds of Prey #19

Since I'm a big fan of Sword of Sorcery (or at least the main feature) I wanted to see if I like BOP better with Christy Marx as the writer. I'll try this out for a few issues to see if I want to keep it on my pull list.

Basically this continues some plot threads from RHATO #9 in terms of Mr. Freeze and his connection to the Court of Owls. It's here at the start I have to once again question why the hell anyone thought bringing a former Talon onto the team was a good idea. Not only does her new codename mean owl but she's wearing the same costume! Where's the sense in that? There's a series based on a guy trying to escape the Court! This just seems dumb and underplays that struggle. Yes I know there will be a crossover between the two that will likely explain this but at present it will continue to grate on my nerves. I mean it's like their not even trying to hide it and don't even bother to keep an eye on her.

Dinah recalls how she met her estrange husband which was basically fighting, being defensive and him asking her out after kicking her leg out. Pretty standard stuff for superhero romances. This hints that she might have a thing for Condor despite not trusting him fully. Mary is scared of going back but thanks to Barbara show them the way. Then for some reason despite Barbara telling her she doesn't have to come inside she decides to go in anyway. Huh.

Turns out the BOP got duped into leading Freeze there for his revenge. Starling turns up to help Freeze saying she's always been on his side.

Overall: I'm not too thrilled with this. Mary doesn't really have much of a personality and what she does have reminds me of another mute former assassin. Condor is slightly more fleshed out but only barely. The only member that never stuck me as bland (at least in this title) turns out to be in league with the bad guy. This wasn't a truly bad read but nothing great. It did raise a lot of questions.

Say What?:

Barbara studies accents? I would have preferred for her to know lots of languages and have a excellent memory. At least she's being useful.

Wasn't Dinah given her codename by Penguin in this verse? I'm pretty sure that was used to explain why Starling and her had bird names.

Dinah explains what the "fishnets" are. The self repairing nanobots are a little much though.

Questions raised?:

How those claw things Barbara puts on can hold her weight. They don't look stable and a grapple line seems faster.

Why are the techs wearing owl masks? I thought that was just for the higher class members not the grunts that do their bidding. For that matter why are they simply ordering them out instead of trying to kill them for discovering the secret lab? Animal testing is beneath them? These are the people that brainwash kids into being their assassins!

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