Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thoughts on various C2F3 Panels

From DC Comics - The New 52 - LIVE! and BATMAN/SUPERMAN 101 LIVE!

Peter Tomasi on Batman and Robin: "I can't think of a better way to pull Batman out of depression than a visit form Catwoman. He's still reeeling from Damian's death. The key was to make sure that after Damian died, to have the ripple effect continue for several months, to get a sense of the deep grief he's going through."

Peter Tomasi is the ONLY writer I think is handling this death. Sure Johns had a couple nice moments but they kind of get lost with his main storyline. For most of the mentions it feels tacked on, or the feeling of grief is lessened by the next issue. I mean I can understand because they had 20 years of Batman grieving the loss of Jason, so adding another Robin to that doesn't feel like exploring new ground. I just hope Tomasi handles other characters better in upcoming issues.

Harras on the new Batwing, Lucius Fox's son, Luke Fox: "How Lucius Fox reacts to it is going to be very interesting."

I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes, I was dreading the cliché "my loved ones must never know" routine. It's far more interesting to see the family/friends know the secret. Which is one of the things I miss about Jaime Reyes.

Soule is also writing Red Lanterns, "Guy Gardner is probably one of my favorites of the corps. He's going to take a more central role in Red Lanterns going forward."

Guy is the only lantern that could get me to read this title but even's Red Lanterns. I don't think that's a title I'll like.

His question involves the reported but not-yet-officially announced Villains Month. "There may be something," Harras says, staying coy.
I don't mind the idea but it's nothing new for DC. They did the same thing back when Booster had his second series. Enemy Ace was on the cover.
Next question: Will there be clarification of Renee Montoya's status in The New 52? And will Batwing be more integrated into the rest of the Bat-family? "Yes and yes," Harras says.
Hopefully we'll hear about Renee sooner than later. She obvious isn't going to be the Question but it'd be nice to see her around Gotham. Sounds awesome for Luke although I feel bad for David.
Will Nightwing still interact with the rest of the Bat-family now that he's in Chicago? "It's not like he's not talking to anyone," Higgins says. "We wanted to push him in a direction where we could build his own world."
Depending on what book you get Dick isn't talking to Bruce. He's not close to Jason (he'd likely keep away because of Kori anyway), he hasn't been shown as buddy-buddy with Tim and I'm not even sure what happened with Babs. She seems to hit him or yell at him half the time.
When will Booster Gold come back, asks a self-described broken-hearted fan? "Your heart may be mended sometime soon," Harras says. (No mention of his current stint in All-Star Western.)
More than the ASW appearance?
A fan says she was disappointed by the ending of Death of the Family, since there wasn't a character death. Higgins says there was a perception that someone would die in the series, though that wasn't actually promised. Tomasi says it's key that the story was titled "Death *of* the Family," not *in* the family.
People were seriously disappointed because no one died. What if it was your favorite character? I was disappointed for other reasons. I never actually expected anyone to die.
James is also taking over Red Hood and the Outlaws. "We'll also deal with why Talia had a special interest in Jason Todd. We're going to be exploring that a little."
I really hope he doesn't bring back that one night stand thing Winick put in because it didn't do any favors to either character. Talia had a interest in Jason because she knew Bruce loved him as his son. That he'd never recover from the death. She wanted to take him in for Bruce, perhaps to learn his secrets of returning for her father and then she started to care for him as a person. I don't know if I like the way it's phrased, like she did it for a secret reason. She was pretty frank with Ducra and didn't know why (in this version) her father was "surprisingly supportive."
Q: Will Tam Fox appear in Batwing? Palmiotti: Yes, you'll see her. You'll see the whole family.
YES! Tam was one of the best things about Red Robin! When Tim was being super arrogant she made it worth reading!


  1. Tomasi is one of my favorite writers, and I'm going to miss him terribly on Green Lantern Corps. Fortunately, I can still read him with Batman and Robin...or whomever Batman teams up with.

    I'm glad that the new writer likes Guy...but seriously...Red Lanterns? Get Guy back in Green!

  2. I'm a little behind GLC but I love that series so much. It was a lot of fun.

    Yeah, that doesn't work for me either. I mean I could get it if it's for a little while to have all the Earth lanterns have their own books but he's a GL first and foremost.