Friday, April 19, 2013

Booster in the wild, wild west

Remember when Booster dressed up as Woody from Toy Story to get information from Hex in the wild west? To do it he had to get drunk, and Skeets "rode" a horse. Good times. To bad it's not canon anymore.

Or is it?


  1. History has definitely been changed around Booster Gold (the JLI, the existence of Ted Kord, etc.), but that doesn't mean that Booster has been changed. His job as a Time Master requires that he keep his knowledge of past/present/future events a secret.

    Until something happens to prove that Booster doesn't remember his own past, I'm going to assume that he does.

    Will Jonah Hex remember Booster Gold?

    (Skeets riding a horse is one of my all-time favorite panels. I just love that. It has to still be in continuity! It just hast to be!)

  2. Oh I have GOT to get this. And incidentally, that issue with Booster and Jonah has to be one of my favorite issues...ever! Great cover, and of course the Skeet's horse-riding scene. It also had Booster taking his shirt off!

  3. Boosterific: I wasn't giving the canon thing a lot of thought when I posted this, just thinking about the last Booster/Hex team up. I think Johns messed up Jurgens plans for Booster but some of his Time Masters thing happened, the end of his series seems to hint at that much. Jurgens said that the memories are there their just buried like a dream you woke up from. That's how I like to see it.

    I doubt it but I'd love for Hex to say "weren't you the one I drank under the table?"

    (Yeah, as far as I'm concerned it's canon.)

    Sally: I thought you already get the series? Yeah that issue had everything, so much fun and it ended with drunk time travel.

  4. This is from Jonah Hex! Got it yesterday! woohoo!