Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sword of Sorcery #7


Ingvie gets knocked out by the force of her mothers' powers being transferred to her since she's actually inheriting all the powers. It's explained that her brother doesn't get the powers because the person with the blood power has to be seventeen to inherit them. Which is also why Amaya had to wait until her birthday to return to gemworld. It's explained via Ingvies' new powers that Eclipso was born because of a union between Onyx and Diamond, which fits really well. He takes over his old house of Onyx except for a few members like Akikra. Since they weren't affected their likely of the blood line. Eclipso goes to Diamond next taking over the soldiers and making the royal family (minus the youngest prince) a offer to join him. The king doesn't know who he is but fights to keep his throne. The oldest son, Zushan, stands still to watch while Hadran worries about fighting their controlled men.

The king loses his head transferring the powers to Zushan, who agrees to Eclipsos' deal. Enraged Hadran calls his brother a traitor and Zushan finally gets the chance he's been waiting for to kill his brother. They fight but with his new powers (which I think is supposed to include strength) Zushan wounds Hadran only for Akikra to teleport him away.

Preet decided to stay since Amaya asked him to and he figures out what Eclipso is doing. Taking over his parents houses before waging war on the house that trapped him on Earth in the first place. House Amethyst. Ingvie joins them stating she doesn't blame Amaya for her mothers' death. Amaya still vows to tear Constantines' throat out the next time she sees him. Mordriel finds a seemingly endless arm at her gate.

This book remains good to the end. I'm buying the trade of this too because I love it that much. Looking forward to and dreading the last issue.

Stalker back up:

Breaking into the church the devil asks for the baby. Stalker once again refuses since they are related. This amuses the devil since Stalker abandoned his son, who he claims had a hard life because of it. Stalker tricked the devil into walking into the symbol he made with magic and the priest's faith. Only it didn't work since he compels the priest to hand over the baby then snaps his neck. Stalker insist his soul be the one kept. The devil says he never had Stalkers' soul, the deal was for the soul of a male heir. They tumble, Stalker wakes up naked while a firefighter picks up the baby that seems a little demony.

This was a predictable ending, not much I can really say about it. I just hope next issue is all about Amethyst.

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