Monday, April 1, 2013

I can't believe I missed this

Flipping through Batman 18 I noticed something I missed the first time.

I saw the I-pod Damian listened to all the time, and even a violin (Jason had a guitar in his room making wonder if Tim and Dick played instruments too. Anyone know?) But I didn't notice this. See what's on the mantle of the fireplace?

It's Damians' makeshift Robin shrine thing from the Robin arc. Although I really disliked Damian in that story it's a nice touch. Still the baton from Dick looks like a *ahem* nightstick and I still don't know what the hell he took from Tim. One of the things that annoyed me to no end about that storyline was that there were A LOT of things that were never properly addressed. I still have doubts but this gives me some hope that it'll come up at some point. Like at the end he'll invite the family over, show the boys the shrine, have Jason reveal what he hinted at in #11 that he knew Damian murdered Nobody. Regardless Gleason continues to be amazing artist that adds so much detail to his work.


  1. He's on the list of maybe 10 artists I'd like to buy art from.