Monday, April 15, 2013

Plot change for Tynions' RHATO?

I wonder what the story was for the big change with the covers for this months' WTF issue. Yeah I know the artist left but why did the WTF element change?

See this is what the cover was:

This was first shown (although half uncolored) before the end of DOTF. Like I noted in my review for the last part of that arc Capullo had Jasons' bandages remain on. Now it's likely that Capullo didn't remove the bandages because it raised the awkward question if Joker knew who Jason was because the character didn't normally wear a mask under his helmet. This was changed in the RHATO DOTF tie in as the artist original art doesn't show a mask. Lobdell did hint that something was going to happen with the Joker tampering with the helmet as far back as #13. It seems odd that Lobdell would start something like this when Tynion was taking over especially since he wrote a couple intros to the villains Tynion was going to bring in. The tagline for the solicit speaks of some horror underneath the hood.

Now what it looks like:

I don't like dissing artist but I think most would agree that this is a big downgrade. Nothing flows right. The floating guy on the right is S'aru. He was already in the solicit for the next issue on so the memory thing looked like it was already in the works. Perhaps the "horror" was bad memories but that bring up another thing I'm not sure of, if I'll like Tynions' run. I'm going to be open minded about this despite not liking what he did with Jasons' character the last time he worked with him in Batman #0. No, it was more than the rumors that Jason was losing his face that bothered me. Some things Tynion says sounds awesome but other things leave me with an uneasy feeling.

There are a few statements he's made that don't really follow with what we've seen/heard in the book prior. Yes it sounds like something he'll work on but it rubs me the wrong way when Jasons' rage is mentioned so much in interviews. Last time I saw that I think it was Tony Daniels explaining why he wrote BFTC the way he did. Plus I'm not sure I want to see the trio having issue because let's face it--those things get out of hand and change the tone of the book.

"We’re going to see the outlaws at odds with each other about their future together, and we’re going to see each of them pulled in crazy directions where they have to weigh their destinies apart vs. together. "

This can either go very well or end badly/ Here's hoping for the former.

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