Monday, June 17, 2013

A Robin Case

I try to do projects every once in awhile and I haven't been in a drawing mood lately. Looking at my display for my figures I thought it was kind of blah. At first I wanted to do a time lab display but since that will take lots of time I thought maybe I should start with something simple to see how that goes first.
The Dead Robins Society 

At the moment I just want to make one case and do it as cheaply as possible. Something that can mostly be done with scraps left over from things I found or got for a good price. There are a lot of different looks for the case over the years. But I wanted the basic tube version.

Although I won't be doing the uniform shown in the picture above. I'll be doing a new 52 version instead. The base and top will look kinda like this. For that I'm using a couple bases, two FF ones and two from Shazam.

From there I took off the pegs, used a X-acto knife to make holes, screwed them in place and painted them black.

Granted the picture is unclear, and the base coat doesn't help it look black. But here's what it looks like with the "glass." I still need to mess with it a little before I do that. I haven't finished it but I'm thinking about putting in a light at the top. Yes? No?

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