Friday, June 14, 2013

Top Artist Pick for Commissions

Not too long ago I went to the MotorCity comic con. I didn't get to see or do much due to the insane amount of people there. It sucked out 90% of the fun since you couldn't go anywhere unless you went with the flow of the crowd. Since then I thought about what artists I'd like to commision work from (assuming they charged a decent amount that I could afford.) In no real order:

  1. Patrick Gleason: He's the shining spot of the Batman and Robin run. I'd likely get something with the Bats, I'd like a family portait with Jason and Cass in the picture (maybe in uniform.) I'd depend on the cost.

  2. Aaron Lopresti: I already liked this work but JLGL made me a huge fan. I'd either get Amethyst or Max Lord. Amethyst doing something like burning Constantines' coat. Max would be holding something like Skeets or Boosters' visor. 
  3. Dustin Nguyen: Not in his Lil' Gotham style but I'd like to get a Steph or Cass piece.

  4. Kenneth Rocafort: He's made a few questionable choices with his female posing but other than that I love his work. I'd get something Outlaws related. Either the trio or maskless Robin Jason staring at the Red Hood helmet in confusion.
  5. Amanda Conner: Is there anyone that doesn't like her work? I'm actually not sure who I'd ask her to do. Maybe a pic of Tora and/or Bea. I'd like the piece to have some humor to it but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

  6. Nicola Scott: She was already great when she did Birds of Prey but she's really stepped up her game lately. I'd ask for Barbara Gordon as Oracle.
  7. Ron Fenz: MC2 Spider-Girl was one of my favorite Marvel books. Naturally it got cancelled, several times. Once they got rid of it I left Marvel for good. I'd want to get a maskless May holding up a picture of her parents. Not a subtle message in my choice but that's what I want.

  8. Franco Urro: Of Angel After the Fall fame. Loved that series and the moody art. He was a big part of the IDW Angel stories and did a fair amount of work on Spike. Any member of the Fanged Gang would be amazing.
  9. Jeremy Haun: He did amazing work in Red Hood Lost Days. Not just the action but the fact he was able to draw Jason as he grew up. That's something a lot of comic artists have trouble with. Plus he's supposed to be a nice guy. I'm not sure what I'd want him to draw but it would be awesome.

  10. Dan Jurgens: What? Did you think I wouldn't put him up here? Meeting him would be a pleasure, I'd likely go on about how much I loved his work on both Booster Gold series and act like a shy geek. What would I get? Like most of these it varies depending on cost. I'd love to have something with Booster and Rip. Either as they were in the second series or with Rip being little. Regardless it would be great.


  1. Great pastafazoola! These are some excellent choices!

  2. Thanks! I keep thinking I'm forgetting some people but these are the ones that popped up first. If I ever got any of these I'd be sure to post them.