Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DC Collectibles "Spoiler Alert"

For those that don't know DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct) comes out with these little teases for future actions figures/statues/etc. This was one of the teases for the last Spoiler Alert.

I haven't been very interested in the action figures since their doing the Johns Justice League figures and I don't want many of those. Then I saw this and I thought: "wait who in the JL has blue on their arms that hasn't been done?" So I instantly thought "Booster!" I mean I'm not crazy about the new design but if it's a good sculpt I'm going to get it and it'd be nice to have some more Booster stuff. (I don't collect mini busts/statues.) Yeah there wasn't any gold showing but I was some what hopeful.

The next shot had something that looked like a blue foot. I couldn't recall if the new uniform had blue feet but still somewhat hopeful that it'd be Booster. Then the next two pictures are released and it's fairly obvious it's not. This was the final pic:

Making this what, the third or so Deathstroke the company has done recently? I think it looks fine. I was never a fan of the old costume nor do I like the character but it looks alright. Yeah it was a longshot but I do wish they'd do other characters outside the JL and the big name villains.


  1. For the record, yes, the current Booster Gold costume has blue feet. It's solid blue from the chest down. He looks like he's wearing an adult-sized onesie.

  2. That's what I thought. I was 97% sure but I didn't feel up to double checking. Especially since I couldn't tell if it was actually a foot.