Monday, June 17, 2013

And Lo the fans did scream with mighty rage

DC revealed a couple of new books and potential event for GL. Funny, I was just talking to Sally about a few of these things fairly recently.

First a Superman/Wonder Woman series based around their "romance." Yes, surely it's a love that will last the ages despite few caring. It comes out in October.

Then Justice League 3000 with JLI writers and artist Gifften/DeMatteis and Maguire. The only thing of interest here is that the Flash has red hair. Hey didn't Iris' side of the family come from the future or something? Maybe Wonder Woman is Donna? If that's true then this series success or failure will prove a point to DC whether these heroes deserve a chance to shine. They've done it in the past so I won't be surprised.

Not much mentioned for Green Lantern although a teaser poster with "Lights Out" was shown.


  1. Oh good grief.

    I've said it before, that I really do like Clark and I really do love Diana...just not together. Blah. DC can shove this pairing at us all it wants, but the more that they try to shove this down my throat, the more that it makes me gag.

    JLI in the FUTURE! I hardly know what to think. I'd give my left kidney for the OLD JLI...but that's probably not going to happen. INtrigued by red-haired Flash though. Bart?

    Oh sheesh ANOTHER cross-over for Green Lantern? I just want my fill of Cops In Space! Having all the un-named Lanterns as canon fodder does nothing for me.

    Man, I'm cranky today!

  2. Their so boring as a couple. When together Diana is usualy written as the violent one Clark has to "tame" and overshadows her way too much. So the only way she can share a title with one of the other members of the Trinity is being in a romance with them? Same here, I simply don't care for the relationship.

    Bart's in the present as Kid Flash, I'm hoping it's Wally. I'm not even a big Flash fan and I think his character got screwed over.

    Yeah I rather have good stories than a excuse to kill off characters.