Friday, June 14, 2013

Short Review: All Star Western #20

I finally got it! Woo!


Ah Hex, asking a question I'm sure many readers wanted to know about superhero costumes. Although that wasn't my first question. Okay so Booster can't remember anything but the fact he's Booster Gold and from the future. And pop culture references along with the bits of information he had on Hex last issue. I'm not sure how that happened time travel-wise since I'm not even sure why he'd be here after disappearing after the Super/Wonder kiss. But it has Booster in it and this is entertaining so I don't really care too much.

I haven't followed this outside of the Booster appearances which means I'm not sure how Arkham is written. But it should be interesting to see what Booster thinks of him and if they meet. I'm guessing the book Arkham writes will be released before he goes insane. I really like how Hex is interacting with Booster and how he's willing to work with him even though he's called a psychopath. I'm trying to think of if he hired anyone like this before. I know there was the shady dealing with the "bad guy" in 52 but I mean hiring another "hero" to assist him. This is a neat way of showcasing the two and how they work.

I'm always pleased to see writers remember things about Booster like the fact the visor actually does more than protect his eyes. Although I think it worked without being connected to the whole suit. I've also been looking forward to seeing what would happen when the forcefield kicked in and I'm glad it worked like it did. This was worth the wait and I can't wait to see the next issue in a couple of weeks. Really this read more like a Booster issue than Hex and I enjoyed how he handled the whole thing.


  1. I've been enjoying the heck out of the Booster/Jonah team-up. I can also understand Jonah's disdain for Dr. Arkham, who has something of a man-crush on him. It's a bit hilarious.

    And considering how grim most comics are nowadays, I'll take a bit of lightheartedness any day.

  2. Man-crush? Sounds like fun.

    Yeah, JLI was lighthearted before editoral stepped in. There are a few books around and hey we have Lil' Gotham.

  3. I find it amusing that ALL-STAR WESTERN is universally described as "fun" as compared to most of the rest of DC's New 52 (an assessment with which I concur) when ALL-STAR WESTERN is primarily a vehicle for stories about man's inhumanity to man.

    When stories about the ill-fortunes resulting from humanity's baser impulses are more entertaining than the adventures of Superman, somebody is probably doing something very wrong.

  4. Maybe lighthearted is the wrong word, I don't read this series enough to know how it reads most of the time. But Booster makes pretty much anything fun. There were some heavy implications and murders in this. I don't even want to think about why they kept that guy in a cage in the bedroom for example. But regardless of what's going on Booster wants to do good, he's willing to pay Hex to do things his way. That sets the tone for this arc. At least for me.

    I also read books like RHATO and Sword of Sorcery. Their are some heavy topics in those like betrayal, slavery and the leads taking lives. But you know what? Their fun, they have those things happen but that's not what those series are about. The characters personalities and interactions affect the series. They inform us what the heart of the series is about. Both series have leads with strong affectionate relationships.

    Then you have books that are supposed to be fun that have a puppet threatening to rape the lead. I just found out about that one. If you don't know what I'm talking about you're probably better off.