Friday, June 21, 2013

Reading Trades in Order

Anyone else get this? I got it about a week after Free Comic Book Day. It lists DCs' trades, not just the new 52 but older more well known titles. The selected backlist have a reading order and I was pleased to note Booster Gold was listed. Which was kind of surprising because it's not a title with a well known lead like Superman. Usually those "A-list" heroes are the ones that get their pre-52 trades listed. Blue Beetle for example only mentions Jaime Reyes' 52 trade. The first Booster Gold series isn't on the list but all of the collected volume two is. But it's not in order or correct. It's missing co-writers and has Keith Giffen as the Booster Gold Day of Death author.

You know you love something when you can just give it a causal glance and see the flaws without having to check your collection to confirm your conclusion. I re-read all those (except the Giffen/DeMatteis run) so many times.

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