Sunday, June 9, 2013

Some DC Writers talk about their books

Bats, Hex, Booster (a tiny mention or two) and questions are talked about.

A few thoughts based on this.

  • Batwing: I'm not sure if I will like the changes. I like David, he's tragic and hopeful, a true hero. Luke isn't really what Batwing was about. He comes from a rich American family and he's not becoming a hero for redemption but because he thinks crime fighting is cool. I like the Fox family but I'm not sure if this is the right thing for them. I haven't picked up from #20 and I don't really feel the urge to right now.
  • Booster! Ok it was just a small mention but any Booster news is good news right now.
  • Brown Spider? I tried to look for that name online and found nothing. Maybe it's a member of the Spider Guild from Red Robin? I didn't remember anyone's name.
  • MORE fall out from Damians' death?! Look I know Jason had like 20 years of Batman mourning him but I'm pretty sure it was spaced out more. Does this sound like what Tomasi is doing in Batman and Robin? Not the stages of grief but the "members of the bat family guest star during the mourning period" thing.
  • Not anything to add about Jasons' mentions other than nitpicking that he's in his teens not 20's. :P I know it was likely a figure of speech. Anyway I'll talk about how well some of this translates in the next issue.

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