Monday, June 10, 2013

No More Crossovers!

At least for awhile! We have the Forever Evil stuff and yet another Bat-cross over? Thrill as Dick Grayson performs in the circus and potentially gets watched by the Court of Owls! Feel a sense of awe as Tim hacks through files and likely gets inspired by seeing the Batman in the making! Could it be that Willis Todd has a connection to the Red Hood gang! Seriously I had no interest before and this doesn't change that. I already get ample amounts of flashbacks in RHATO I don't need one shoed in for a event to make everything more connected.


  1. So you're as sick of cross-overs as I am? It's funny, nobody seems to like them all that much...and yet that is all that there are anymore.

  2. They can be fun and sometimes I love that series I follow are part of it (we got Time Masters Vanishing Point out of one of them) but this is way too much. No, I don't follow a whole lot of books. At present I only follow one "bat" title but I don't want that series to get interrupted for two different tie ins to things I don't really care about.

    The villain issues might not even have the leads in them. From what I hear year zero already did another stupid age thing and I know it'll only annoy me more to have other books tie in.