Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Cut back on your pull list...list

By comicvine. I actually do this when I get more than a handful of books. It's never been out of control but I don't like hanging onto series that don't hold my interest or piss me off. For example I'm currently getting:

  1. Red Hood and the Outlaws
  2. Batman and Robin
  3. Birds of Prey
  4. All Star Western

I was going to try out Batwing for more than one issue but I honesty forget about it since it changed gears. I'm dropping Birds of Prey after #21. I'm only with Batman and Robin for the grief arc which I haven't been enjoying so that will be dropped as soon as this finishes. Unless there's a Batman and Robin Apology arc to round out Bruces' journey. All Star Western is good but honestly I'm only getting it for Boosters' appearance. If he wasn't here I wouldn't get this because of the price and the back up I never get around to reading. I'm picking up Batwoman because her new arc sounds interesting. If it doesn't stay interesting I'll drop it. But here's the big problem...I'm not thrilled with the writing in RHATO lately. James Tynion the Fourth seems like a nice guy and I want to like it since he sounds so passionate about it. But what he's doing doesn't mesh and is starting to make me dread getting the title. That's my favorite series and without it as an achor I really have no reason to get any other books.

It hasn't reached the point where I'd drop and is by no means bad like the preboot run that should not be named. It's not seamlined enough, it doesn't fit into the previous run and few things flow right. But if it takes a turn for the worse I might not be sticking around for the title, DC, or comics in general. Not unless DC actually has some new titles for me to be interested in. Judging by what's been revealed so far I'd say they don't.

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