Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Carters don't put up with your B.S. Superman

Look at Booster being the proud papa..
Ironically this was just before Flashpoint, this is why you listen to the Time Master people.


  1. It was moments like this, that simply filled my black heart with delight. Rip tearing Clark and Hal a new one.

    Oh joy!

    And Booster's delight is also so...delightful.

  2. Hal and Clark did deserve it. I especially got a kick out of it after reading Supermans' treatment them in the past. I did like a few things Morrison did with this group in ROBW like how Rip yelled at Hal after he dissed Booster.

    It really is, I think that if he knew that was his kid he'd be even prouder.