Friday, October 11, 2013

Another Weekly Series?

There have been some great weekly series from DC, the epic (and now ironically named) 52 being the highest standard. Trinity was supposed to be alright (never read it) and the bi-weekly Justice League Generations Lost was pretty amazing too. But we also had Countdown, so it doesn't always go well. This time around we have a series focused on one character and his mythos.

Batman: Eternal has Scott Snyder at the helm with some other Batman writers and artists helping him write a store that will apparently change Gotham. While there are TONS of bat books I'm interested in this one because it seems to have his allies involved and it's in time for his 75th anniversary. Batman's a very intruging character but with all his family and friends he's the one I'm least invested in. I like seeing his interaction with others and hope to see some good developments.

Nightwing isn't in the cape display which raises a few eyebrows but I'm not worried. James Tynion on the other hand? Not going to lie, despite believing he does a great job with Talon his work on Red Hood and the Outlaws hasn't been that great. In past interviews he made it seem like this arc was building to something big happening to Jason Todd the next year and if this is it I'm not sure if he can deliver. I'm a little iffy at this point if I'll wait this one out or not.

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