Thursday, October 17, 2013

Massive Disappointment in your previously favorite book

Have you ever loved a series and looked forward to it the most every month? Then a new writer comes along and you think it'll still be good. Some time passes, a couple issues are okay but the quality of the series is down. For awhile you tell yourself that it's not that bad and despite the flaws it can get better because the writer sounds so passionate.

It stops being fun and starts to get on your nerves. When it's not doing that it bores you. Some characters aren't acting like themselves to the point you feel they might as well be someone else. It drags on and on when huge unneeded sections could have been edited out.

You constantly wonder what the point of it is when nothing ever gets done and it doesn't even look like the new writer bothered to read the previous runs just skimmed and wrote their own thing. Then you start to wonder if you should just drop it and stop reading all comics for awhile. That's how I feel right now.


  1. I know that feeling exactly. That is how I am regarding Birds of Prey right now.

  2. At least when I was mad about the Giffin/DeMatteis Booster Gold run I had JLGL and TMVP to get my Booster fix. I had two books that were better. At present I don't really have another ongoing to keep my interest if I drop.

    I dropped that awhile back but I never really liked BOP since the reboot. Christy Max did much better on Sword of Sorcery but then again she pretty much reinvented a world by herself. BOP has limits.