Friday, October 18, 2013

Batwoman #24


I don't blame the next writer for what happened to this book but based on what I heard I don't think I'll pick up his issues. Why? Because apparently none of this will be followed up on. Next issue we'll getting a Year Zero tie in which wasn't previously planned. On the one hand Batwoman shouldn't be so closely linked to Batman and be free to do her own thing. It made her more interesting to not be constrained by the tie ins. On the other this book doesn't seem to be aware of what's going on in other series which can be a problem when it uses those characters. I've heard the use of Bane for example goes against what was written about him in Talon and has no place to fit in canon. We also see the bat family minus Jason fighting in Gotham. Barbara isn't currently acting as Batgirl, Dick is either in Chicago or Forever Evil and then there's Batwing. David not Luke who has no reason to be in Gotham. It's nice to see Tim even if he seemed to have fared worse than the others in his fight.

As always it's a delight to see Bette doing more but I wouldn't trust Alice enough to free her hands. I'm pretty sure she would kill everyone there if she could.

The fight shows Kate being smart but I wish we had more of this before the new writer came on board. As it is this isn't a good way to say goodbye to the series and feels petty on DC's part for not at least letting them finish as planned but getting those issues rewritten. Not sure I like Kate letting the bad guys run amuck and I do feel for Bane fans after seeing what Bruce does to him here. This was a so-so read for me. Nothing horrible but not as good as past issues.

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