Sunday, October 20, 2013

So Next Month...

After being disappointed with most of the comics I got this month (except for the awesome I, Vampire trade) things aren't going to be like I originally intended for November. Since I dislike the Year Zero tie in premise and deaging Bruce while aging up the Robins I was going to skip most of it. Then I started dreading RHATO #25 so I'm going to cover a few more bat books for Year Zero including one I never thought I'd get. Hopefully it will take the sting out of it if the books' quality is down. Just three more titles but hopefully they'll be good. It'll give me a chance to see how Nightwing reads without a co-writer. Catwoman and Batgirl have different writers and they should be better than their current origins stories.

I don't have many books to look forward to after that. Some trades, the amnesia arc finally ending, a few bat kid appearances like the Batman/Superman annual, maybe Gothtopia in Tec 27 and I'm still undecided on Batman Eternal. It doesn't look like Booster will be in All Star Western for awhile so no Carter appearances from him or Rip. I may not have liked the JLI annual but I do get the feeling Johns has something in mind for Booster. Maybe even setting up a meeting between Ted and him. Maybe their meet again for the first time in the new year. You have to love time travel, it breaks the "you only get one chance to make a first impression" rule.

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