Sunday, October 13, 2013

Forever Evil #2

Finally got this. Really there's not a lot going on here, so it's kinda a blah read.

SPOILERS AHEAD even though this has been out for awhile

Luthor/Bizarro: Standard stuff nothing surprising although the shirt bit is cute. The BB gun mention too. Is "creature" a clone or a guy he tested on? I think I heard the Villains Month issue claimed he was the latter. What does that make Connor? Something more advanced than Luthor was capable of?

Teen Titans: "Everyone get suited up." Uh everyone IS suited up Tim. Note that Bunker wasn't present here but he was last issue.

Johns is writing them the way he used to and it's not so refreshing here. I don't recall Connor having heat vision last time I read him in the new 52. Is that a thing they added recently? Now everyone's calling Tim "Robin"? I get the feeling it's more than a nickname with Johns. Connor makes some good points and Tim's not thinking this through. Although I did like his loyalty to Dick doesn't anyone else get the connection? Connor obviously knows Red Robin is linked to Batman but not Nightwing?

While I'm not surprised they got their rears handed to them it wasn't an actual fight. I have no idea what Atomica was trying to do with Cassie since she went back out of her mouth the second she heard Bart scream. There wasn't even a fight per se still I guess it's better than the TT getting slaughtered.

CS: I will forever blame Johnny Quick for the disturbing visual of Ultraman/Superman putting coal up his ass to make a diamond. I'll never be able to look at Lois' wedding ring the same way again. 0_0  Not to mention all the other horrible things that come to mind. I think this disturbed me more than anything else in this series. More for the fact Johns put some serious thought into the joke.

Is Power Ring turning into a Black Lantern? It looks like it and I think Deathstorm likes the idea.

I think the hitchhiker is their Lex Luthor. Wasn't their Lex (or was it Alexander?) a hero in the original Earth 3? It makes sense that they wouldn't want him alive and this series is showcasing how important Lex is, so why not?

All of the CS are bad so I'm not sure I buy what's seen with Superwoman. Ultraman tells her off in a threatening manner for disagreeing in front of Owlman and she lets him? Yeah she's secretly hooking up with Owlman but I'm not sure if that relationship is sincere either. Is there a baby? If so I think something's going to happen to it before this ends.

Johnny Quick: Look your favorite, babe.
Atomica: Children.

...What does that mean? That she likes torturing, maiming and killing children the most?

And the rest: Vic doesn't have much body left, at least before the reboot he had more of a torso and legs, etc.


  1. I hate it when villains are evil simply for the sake of being evil.


  2. It could be interesting if they were given more depth but at present only a few things interest me about this series. 1.) Nightwing/the fallout of his unmasking, 2.) The Kord plotline, 3.) Seeing how they beat these guys.