Monday, October 14, 2013

DC's January Solicits

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #4
This is more a comment about the Rogues than the solicit but isn't this always this group's gimmick? They're the bad guys that don't want to join in and it pisses off the others. I think the last time they did this was either after Identity Crisis or the time they were on the kill-or-be-killed planet. Yeah it defines them but it always seems like their doing this.
Earth 2 Annual #2
I saw the ID spoiled on the DC Collectibles facebook page. Or sort of, I can see them mistaking this Batman for someone else. It'll be interesting to read spoilers and see if it's the same person in the book or an honest mistake.
Worlds' Finest #19
So they finally have a semi-interesting concept with this series. Sad to say that I'll only be interested in Huntress and Powergirl again if there's a new writer, they appear in other books or Helena B. takes back the Huntress ID.
Worlds' Finest Annual #1
I love this cover, although Helena should be dead if Wonder Woman hit her as hard as she is. I almost want to get this but I've been let down too much with this series.
Supergirl #27
Is Lobo a cyborg now?
Batman/Superman Annual #1
I gotta admit I wasn't expecting this. I mean I thought this book would just focus on the two leads and their bad guys for awhile. I didn't think their families would get together anytime soon. I guess Nightwing won't be around for awhile. On the one hand I'm a sucker for these type of things but I'm also leery on how these characters will be written, especially Jason. Speaking of they mention Mongul and Lobdell had "For the Man who has Everything" be canon in RHATO. I wonder if that will be mentioned.
Detective Comics #27

I'm not sure if I should get this or not. It's supposed to lead into Batman Eternal.
Batgirl #27

This also ties into Detective Comics. But a white Robin-ish Batgirl suit? Wasn't the white costume an idea Simone had for Cassandra?

Birds of Prey #27

Maybe this is all part of the Gothtopia crossover that seems to be linked to dreams but in general there seems to be a lot of mention to Ras Al Ghul lately.

Batman and Robin Annual #2

If this had nothing to do with the grieving Damian arc and was just a story about Dick working with Bruce as Robin then I'd get it.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #27

Yes, this plotline is STILL going on. It's not so much the memory loss bit I loath as much as this whole storyline irritates me when it's not being dull. This was my favorite book and now I'm waiting for something to wow me. Unless Ras al Ghul gets a power up having all the Outlaws fighting him is another thing that will bug me. It should just be him and Jason fighting while his friends fight the League of Assassins. I know it might not be like that in the book but after the ridiculousness of Roy taking out all the assassins, getting tagged teamed by three superior fighters and STILL not being knocked out I'm a little exasperated. Even Batman hasn't done that well against the LOA. Ras can't be so badass on his own that he has to fight all three.
Green Lantern #27
I was going to say this may be a new kink for GLs but then again this is Hal.
Red Lantern #27
FINALLY! More Guy/Tora! Sorta.
All Star Western #27
Still no Booster.
Scribblenauts Unmasked: A crisis of imagination #1
This will be an actual comic? Huh. Their really promoting this game with the toys, comic, variant covers and the stuff on the DC pages. It is a very addicting and fun game.


  1. Oh Hal. Erin, you just crack me up sometimes.

    But hey...Tora!

    And yes, there does seem to be a lot about old Ra's lately.

  2. You know they say that Wonder Woman and Robin (usually Dick) have the most suggestive covers. But I'm thinking they pale compared to GL books. Sally these things write themselves. ;)

    More Tora is good.

    So he's mentioned in RHATO, BOP and Batman/Robin? I think that's it for now.