Friday, October 18, 2013

I, Vampire TPB 3 Wave of Mutilation

On a more positive note after my last post I got this in the mail. I don't think I reviewed the second trade but I'll make this short without any real spoilers. This series is good, it never disappointed me except for the fact it ended. There are plots I wish were expanded on and characters I wanted to make it to the end but it doesn't feel incomplete. This series has constantly been engaging, witty, and surprising in ways not too many comics seem to be. This trade gets us to understand the relationship between Andrew Bennett and Mary Stewart better. To do so we have to learn the root of her anger with not just mankind but Andrew himself.

The series ends on a bittersweet note but still feels triumphant for all the characters went through. This is far more epic than any of the current titles I'm reading as the stakes are raised giving the struggle more weight. It's not Twilight or even Buffy/Angel and manages to stand on it's own feet. I might even look for DC's trade for the pre-52 tales of Andrew Bennett. I don't think their be as good but I'm curious about his history.

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