Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When babies become superheroes

I found this and I still don't know what to think of it. This is "BatBaby." Apparently Bruce decided the Robins didn't begin crime fighting early enough and had his next kid start sooner.

More under the cut including other figures in this line and the accessories they come with.


BatBaby fights crime with a trusty scooter, a couple of batarangs and bottle (pictured above in the hostler.)

Maybe BatBaby takes after Selina's side? Or another adoption. Although this is the Bale Batman. That's right Bruce teach your baby to go for the throat, the babysitters will love that.
And lo BatBaby soon would strike fear in the hearts of criminals. Often out running enemies with the bat scooter.
Really I joke around but these are cute. Why should we take everything so seriously?

Not to be out done by Batman and his arch-enemy pitting their kids against each other Marvel gets in on the act too.

Tony Stark decided there wasn't going to be a person he knew that didn't have a suit. Even the puppy has pieces of armor on. The helmet even has a slot for the pacifier. Also in the line are Ultraman--er baby, solider baby and a Kung Fu baby.

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