Friday, October 11, 2013

Canon vs. Bruce's insanity

Because the Batman and Robin Two-face #24 preview makes Bruces' past actions look even more insane. SPOILERS for the preview and past issues under the cut.

The whole grieving arc from Batman and Red Robin #19 to Batman and Nightwing #23 was about Bruce doing crazy desperate things to get his son back and others trying to help him accept the death. His most extreme actions to bring Damian back were to steal dead bodies, kidnap Frankenstein to experiment on him and his horrible actions with Jason. All of this to bring back Damian who Batman Inc. already showed wasn't in his grave. Looking back at Batman and Catwoman #22 it shows Bruce giving Carrie's drive to Damian's plot. Titus is seen lying near the headstone (same one shown in Inc. and in the picture below.) Talia's marker isn't seen so it seems no one told Tomasi about any of Morrison's last issue, at least not then. Yet in the new issue... 

This makes Bruce's past actions pointless and crazy. Why did he go to such lengths to bring Damian back if there wasn't even a body? Yes he went through denial but not to the point he didn't admit his son was murdered. His first actions should have been to find the body and then use the pits. I know that Tomasi couldn't ruin the ending of Inc. but couldn't he just show Bruce's frustration without addressing the potential resurrection issue? Especially since he never touched the obvious issue of the Lazarus Pits. Why was Bruce willing to use Frankenstein and experiment in attempt to make Damian a monster? That's Bruce's FIRST idea in the arc. Then he throws away everything Jason and him were rebuilding away for nothing. Even on the slim hope that Jason could remember something to help him there's no body to apply that information on! Now Bruce suddenly wants to go after Ra's Al Ghul--but only AFTER he's done dealing with something else first?!
Does that ring false to anyone else? Especially after seeing how obsessed he was during the grieving arc? He was hell bent on getting Damian back and now he'll wait?  It would have made more sense to find Damian at the start and force Ra's to bring back his grandson. Bruce knows Ra's Al Ghul will look for any chance to extend his own life so he'd likely have more than the pits. And wouldn't keeping the graves open direct more unwanted attention on them since Gordon and others know about there being new graves there? Will this link with what Tynion is doing in RHATO? Maybe but unless Tynion is making that arc extend four more months or so (please no) it seems unlikely. Although they did talk over plans in the grieving arc so it might get a mention. If so Bruce might see how stupid he is since his actions put Jason in his current mess (that and the All Caste suddenly turning into jerks.)
I get there being confusion between writers but I hate Bruce when he's an asshole like this. If he's being one his reasoning should at least make sense. Since he's not going to Arkham for a stay I can't say that it does.

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