Friday, February 3, 2012

Anton "Snake Eyes" Montrose

"Snake Eyes" was a friend of Boosters' although the origin of their relationship was a bit sketchy. He was a bookie that Booster couldn't be seen with once he became a big shot college quarterback. Booster took him up on his offer to earn some quick cash when things took a turn for the worse with his mother. In this version the high rollers didn't want to let a star like him go thus he had to keep up their deal. This ended his friendship with Snake Eyes.

There were many retellings of Boosters' origin with new details usually popping up. Snake Eyes was introduced in the flashback Booster shares with Ted Kord.

Where is he now?: Last mentioned in Justice League Generation Lost #5. The cop tells Booster that they caught Anton "Snake Eyes" Montrose on a drug charge but they know he's a bookie. He says that Snake Eyes had Booster betting on his own games and throwing them. The offer is for Booster to help them nab Snake Eyes boss.

First Appearance: Secret Origins #35

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