Thursday, February 13, 2014

DCC 2014 Solicits

It looks like none of my selections on my most wanted list were picked. Still there's some good looking figures here, along with some that just look weird and certain characters getting more figures.

A statue from the Bombshell line of Zantanna. I usually don't care for statues and busts beyond the usual "that looks amazing" response. They are just too fragile and too expensive for me. But this one caught my eye because of the bunny. Look at it. The tie, the cigarette and hair do. That's freaking Constantine! I'm sure he deserved it Zee, even if turning him into one was just something done spur of the moment.
I have fond memories of the animated series so it's nice to see this Catwoman being made. Batman was too and while I like them I doubt I'll gets these figures.
Another Catwoman but this is from the Capullo line...I don't recall her being in any big part of his work though. Just the tie ins. I'm not sold on this look yet, I might have to see it in person. It seems to lack some of the articulation of the male characters and something feels off. Maybe the goggles? Dunno, although it's funny because I was just thinking that I need a Catwoman for my bat display. Plus it's nice to have a zipped up version.
Although the design was done by Rocafort Mr. Freeze did appear in DOTF. Still I wouldn't have thought Catwoman and Freeze would make the cut. I would have assumed characters like "Thomas Wayne Jr." and maybe another bat family member. Still it looks excellent, just not something I'd get.
See, doesn't this make more sense for a Capullo figure? I like that it comes with a different head and hands. Really extras like that should be standard when companies that do retail like Hasbros' Star Wars line can include those extras.
 Bruce looks a little young here but otherwise nice. But like I said above I'd like if normal releases had extra heads (I'm guessing this one's is covered by the helmet) so all the masked heroes could have unmasked heads. It just seems weird that they don't now that I think about it.

I thought this was part of a statue line like Bombshells but nope. It's listed as a 6" action figure from the Infinite Crisis line. This is Atomic Green Lantern. While I'm sure this is Hal the clothes and beefiness makes me think Guy. The arm reminds me of something Kyle would create. No idea what the concept behind this is, if it's based on something I'm not aware of. But it's one of three figures shown from this line.
Points for creativity since there's no other Poison Ivy like this. It's actually a good look.
So GL and PI are listed as "Atomic" while Harley is a pj party Harley Quinn. ...Okay that's a little random but kudos for not taking that to mean bra and thong wearing Harley. Not bad just a really odd choice, the whole line is, but especially this one compared to the other two.
Lil' Gotham is a good choice although one does have to worry that their be too much cuteness for the consumers between this and Scribblenauts.
Batman and Joker are the best looking Lil' Gotham figures. They seem like they popped off of the page and their looks work as figures.
I'm not fond of this one, I think it's one of those looks that's better on paper.
Ditto for this although much better than Harley. But certain artist designs don't transfer well and this isn't Damians' only odd figure.
I really don't like this one. Granted I don't plan on getting Lil' Gotham but at least that line is mostly solid. This makes me cringe a little. I know it's based on artwork for the Batman and Son movie but I don't like it as a figure.
...What is the deal with this? It's listed as Wood Figure 4" Batman (there's a Superman version too) but why?
The Capullo line is releasing it's own Nightwing in an earlier costume while this is the Booth redesign. Based on appearances I prefer the Capullo version which looks more together. Maybe it's the way it's posed but this looks too thin. Like it will break easily and I'm not fond of the head.
 I would have preferred Batwoman but I knew this one was coming. Usually Batgirl would be one of the first figures made so it's a little surprising they'd wait this long. It's a good looking figure, it seems like the best Batgirl figure Barbara Gordon ever got. I also like that DCC seems to be including different accessories for each bat person although I'd paint it black/grey not yellow. But I'm not a Babs as Batgirl fan so I doubt I'll get this unless someone really sells me on the idea of Babs returning to the cowl. That said I'm very happy with the Oracle figure I have.
Incredible sculpting, Batgirl and Supergirl both outshine Nightwing here. Even though I don't follow Supergirls' book I kind of want to get this figure. I likely won't but that's some amazing work. I think this finishes the Super family off.


  1. I don't really like the Joker all that much, but his is the most adorable figure here!

    And that Green Lantern one is just...weird.

  2. I know, it's weird. His figure looks more adorable than Lil' Gotham Damian!

    It really is, the look and the idea are just random.