Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Even MORE action figures from DCC!

These weren't showcased during Toyfair, at least not in the photos I saw, so here they are.

Like many I assumed this was part of a Wonder Woman line when I saw him being revealed on video. But nope. Orion is just a figure added to the new 52 line. Which is a little weird since usually the waves are based on themes. First was the JL, 2014 seems to be Batman with a couple Super members and those connected to the Bat family. Orion is really the odd man out here. Still a well sculpted figure and something to go with the Darkseid they made. He's coming in August.
This is the second Earth 2 Batman figure being made although this is one the fans wanted all the same. Along with Huntress/Powergirl Earth 2 is building a big line. Batman is spikier than I recalled from artwork.
Since Wonder Woman is being released in the first wave the Trinity of Earth 2 is complete. If they have a Earth 2 Supergirl and Robin then I think most of the characters will be done from the early issues. Superman looks like he's a little top heavy but at least fans can get the design they like.
The actual figure of Red Hood (Jason Todd) which is finally painted. Just like I assumed he's wearing the gantlets he wore for a few panels in #2. Why? Who knows but hopefully they can be removed too. It's nice but not the feature I'd pick. Other figures have extra accessories and heads, he gets this? It's something fans outside RHATO wouldn't get. If it's one of many extras then awesome.


  1. I have to admit...Orion is pretty fabulous.

  2. It's one of those figures I think looks awesome even if I don't plan on getting it. I like the details they added like making the visor raise and adding the harness.