Saturday, February 8, 2014

Very Short Review: Serenity Leaves on the Wind #1


This was a decent read although I miss some of the humor and surprises the show would throw in. I saw most of it coming ahead of time. There are a lot of call backs to the movie and the show that I enjoyed. I'm glad that Early is back as he provided a very creepy villain for the last episode. Zoe gives birth to Emma making one of the few Joss Whedon characters to actually have kids. This is more of a set up issue but my favorite part has to be Simon telling Mal about Zoe's condition and knowing that Mal will break their exile to save her. This wasn't a mindblowing read but I expect the series to get better as it goes. I'd say that this is only something devoted fans should get because there's a lot that's not really explained.

For now the Browncoats are getting back together and that in it's self is something to look forward to.

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