Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Odds of my list being Made?

Since a lot of characters from my most wanted list are being made into action figures I decided to look at the ones that haven't made it yet. Toyfair is coming up so we should get some idea soon. What are the chances? Let's take a look at the odds based on their appearances in DCU or their returns.

Will likely be made (maybe soon?)

While DC Direct made a Kate Kane Batwoman figure back in their 52 line it was sort of lackluster. The current holder for the most badass female in Gotham is a must have. One that fits into the new DC Collectibles lines that reflects the art work of Batwoman that is.

Red Robin

Granted it's not one of the most beloved takes on Tim Drake but with Nightwing and Red Hood coming out it seems like a good time bring in another boy wonder. Plus Tim will be getting more attention during Batman Eternal. Who knows, he might get his costume changed for the event or the sculptor might change it like they did for Starfire.

With Stephanie showing up again as Spoiler she'll likely get a updated version for her costume. Since the only figure she has is based on her Batgirl appearance seeing her in the Spoiler gear is long overdue. Hopefully it will be more than the eggplant hoodie and jeans. I don't know how likely this is but I'm hopeful it's in the cards due to the attention the bat family is getting this year.
    Talia Al Ghul
Seriously why hasn't this figure been done yet? She's the only love interest that ever rivaled Selina, the mother of his child and daughter to one of Batmans' greatest enemies. Talia has gotten an animated figure and one based on a video game but it's not the same. Since she's gotten some attention in recent years I'd say she has some chance especially since this is the 75th anniversary of Batman. I'd like for her to be wearing the iconic black jumpsuit but the Morrison crowd likely wants it to reflect his run.

Is Pretty Likely Just a Matter of When

Booster Gold

I have a feeling something will happen with what Johns is planning. Maybe by then he'll get a new costume. I'll get it if the sculpt is good.


I doubt we're get a version of the classic Ice look that Mattel recently did but I think this outfit is still good. It doesn't seem as likely to be made as Batwoman since Ice isn't regularly appearing in a book at the moment but it's still possible.
Fire (flamed on version)

I believe Fire was still in a coma last we heard but since the JLI Annual ignored the series that might have been retconned. Fire has as much of a chance as being made as Ice but while I have no problem with her costume she's never had any real iconic look. Yes there's the 80's wear but that was basically street clothes and since Mattel made that once I'd like Fire to have a flamed on version.

Not sure how Likely


I have no idea how focused DCC will be on doing villains for heroes outside their main JLA but Alice is a must for any Batwoman fan. She also fits into the bat family since it's been revealed that Kate and her are actually Bruces' cousins.


Not really a villain in the new 52 (or even called Blackfire) I wanted to get this figure ever since I saw the reveal of Starfire. Maybe smooth out the design a little so it's not too busy. It's be nice to have the sisters both done and looking better than the last versions. I'd even buy a two-pack with a repaint of Kori in her space costume to get this.


Not well known as Blackfire but I'd want to get a figure because Lobdell made her interesting in RHATO. I'd be willing to get a two-pack for this, maybe an unmasked Jason?

Robin (Dick Grayson)

This is my least favorite Robin costume but I wouldn't say I hate it. I'd still like to have all the Robins in their costumes and this one hasn't been made yet.

Robin (Helena Wayne)

This would have been tied for my favorite Robin costume if not for the kneepads. Still they flashblack to the sidekick days for all Robins so why not makes these?

Robin (Jason Todd)

He FINALLY got his own costume and ironically it's the most iconic looking of all the current Robins. It's also my favorite Robin costume, I'd love for this to be made.
Not Likely to be Made for Awhile
Static Shock
I love the character but his rebooted series in the new 52 was awful. Since it was cancelled I think the only place he showed up was in a cameo in Teen Titans. Until he becomes a regular again I think his chances of a figure are greatly reduced. A shame too because he really is a great character.


Sword of Sorcery, at least the Amethyst section, was so good. Amaya would make a great figure given the art work and character design. While Amaya will be appearing again soon DCC has yet to do any of the Justice League Dark characters and I don't think she's near the top of their list.

Not Even on DCCs' List
Black Bat
Well she hasn't appeared in the new 52 yet so that makes her the least likely of the bat characters. I like Cass in this ID and if she can't be Batgirl then this is a good look for her.
Rip Hunter

He's been mentioned but not seen so we're not even sure what he's like in the new 52. I'd want him to be the same as the second BG series. The figure I'd like to have in his Time Masters Vanishing Point uniform but his causal clothes would be good too. I'd also like a Goldstar figure but that would likely have to be a two-pack so why not put these two together? Maybe even a three pack with Booster.

Chronos 2 (Walker Gabriel)

I know this isn't on anyone's list but I don't care. I love this character. His series was mostly awesome (there were some editorial mandates involved, etc.) and it was such a great take on time travel.


  1. We NEED a Rip Hunter figure, dammit!

  2. He's been around long enough, he SHOULD have one!