Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Comic List

Okay technically this is for next week. Both of these were previously delayed which is why I'm getting comics earlier in the month.

  • Forever Evil #6: Preview shown here. I'm really bored with this one but with two issues left something is bound to happen. Right? While I recently compared this to Millennium neither are the worst books I've read recently but I still wish this would get interesting. Dicks' "fate" is supposed to be revealed here. If I knew it would take so long to get to the reason I bought this mini series I wouldn't have bothered.
  • Batman/Superman Annual #1: I believe this has a few artists listed meaning the art was the reason for the many delays. I'm curious to see how much canon this follows since it'll be using elements that will surely touch upon past and recent stories. From the Man who has Everything to the wedge between Bruce and Jason due to stupidity on the formers' side. Plus the death in the Bat and Super families. I wasn't impressed with the previews from the crossover with Worlds' Finest but I'm still hoping this will be good.


  1. I feel your boredom. Oh God, I feel it.

  2. Who knew evil winning was so boring.