Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Favorite RHATO Scenes: Roy speaks from the Heart

Granted that's all Roy does in the book but I'm combing two specific scenes on this one.

Roy Speaks from the Heart (RHATO #5 and RHATO #11)
All of the leads give each other strength but these two examples are mainly Roy bonding with Kori when she's not feeling so great. In #5 Kori has fought Crux and temporarily lost her powers. Before he arrives she says "R'ichard" and seems to be feeling pretty lonely. Roy arrives on the scene and realizes that they never really connected on a emotional level. He tells her that the three of them have all been hurt but he believes their get through it since they found each other. It's the first moment since their tryst that they truly click. Issues pass with the two growing closer until #11 where Kori reveals that she doesn't want to save her people because they abandoned her to suffer as a slave. It shows that she trust the guys and Roy in return shows how much he's learned about her since #5.
Why I like it: These moments have the two of them bond, as a result the relationship blooms. I was sold on them being a couple and the changes in their new 52 personalities with these moments. They balance each other out. Kori goes from someone that snaps that she wants to forget the past to opening confiding. The second scene has Jason too and while he basically agrees with Kori at the start he's impressed with what he hears from Roy even offering a rare act of affection.

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