Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worlds' Finest #20 and Batman/Superman #8 previews

Well I expected to dislike the WF preview but B/S has given me a reason to worry about it's writing in the annual.


  • I remember Helena not looking so good when she met Damian and that trend seems to continue here. This supposed badass is visibly shaken when she speaks to him and going on like she's a little girl. I know she misses her dad but wasn't she the one saying he's not her dad all the time? Now she's babbling and repeatedly needs to have him remind her there's more important things like her friends' wellbeing?
  • "No Guns"? Batman uses cannons in his jets all the time! Plus he's shown leniency in this 'verse. Just because he has them doesn't mean he'd use them irresponsibly. If Black Adam shows up he's not going to net him.
  • "Ah...thanks Hel." This is hilarious because Helena didn't see a problem with them falling because they're supposed to be invulnerable. The only reason they got saved was because Bruce was the one that didn't want to chance it. Isn't Kara's powers supposed to be out of control too? Hate to break it to you Kara but Hel didn't care even though your powers might not have protected you.
  • Why would Helena try to inject Superman with anything? She doesn't know what's wrong with him anyhow, not really, and he's SUPERMAN. A normal needle would never do anything.
  • Great priorities here. Batman now assume the Krytonite will weaken him to human levels. Kara is upset about his freaking tone when he said "no." Then the most annoying bit, Helena talking like a five year old telling Batman he's not her father. Send these two back home, please. I dread to think what will happen if they stay to be part of the two families.

  •  I'm pretty sure Joker is a guy on Earth 2, which means he's in drag here.
  • Helena is NOT 17.  That's impossible since she arrived 5 years ago as a teen, likely 16. She should be around the same age as Dick.
  • According to Worlds' Finest #0 Catwoman died right after Helenas' first time out as Robin. Which means there couldn't have been any team up with her husband and daughter.
  • Points for someone finally writing Helena do something impressive. Even so this still feels a little too much like the Helena/Damian meeting with them instantly trusting each other once they know their related.

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