Saturday, February 15, 2014

Favorite RHATO Scenes: Jasons' Most Cherished Memory

The scene that even a lot the series critics liked.

Jasons' Most Cherished Memory (RHATO #3)
While searching for answers for the murder of the his teachers (the All Caste) the trio have to go through the Chamber of All. They meet S'aru the protector of the chamber that needs to hold onto their most cherished memories for their passage which will be returned once they come back. One of the reasons this works was because the reader gets to see Kori and Roys' memories first. Neither one have something you would expect them to treasure much less something they'd want to remember. When Kori was little she was a slave when a guard showed her mercy. Rather than trust one of her captors she slayed him staying strong in the worst environment. Roy tried to get Killer Croc to kill him so he can die in a blaze of glory. Realizing he's being used Croc takes pity on Roy and gets him to get his life together. That being the case most expect Jasons' to be like his friends, kind of dark but important because of what it says about him as a person. Jason kept walking while his friends get their memories back telling S'aru to keep his.
In reality he has the most normal cherished memory that's actually pretty simple when you think about it but says so much about the character. Sick with the flu and forced to stay home Jasons' surprised when Bruce decides to spend the night with him instead of patrolling.
Why I like this: I think most readers made a lot of assumptions on this series based on issue one. This scene was a wake up call and had an emotional wham to it that no one saw coming. It's not something most would expect from Jason, you'd think it was his first day of Robin since the Under the Red Hood movie has a scene like that. Having a parental figure stay home to take care of a kid doesn't sound that impressive but really think about this one for a moment. This is Bruce Wayne the man that's obsessed with crime fighting and normally pushes people away because of it. For him to take a night off for any reason is incredible. Jason was going to be fine, Alfred was there to look after him but Bruce still did it. For a man like him that has problems expressing himself that means a hell of a lot.
Then there's Jason who's obviously disappointed not to go on patrol. He's a little cranky before Bruce comes upstairs pointing out to Alfred that he can take care of himself. This is a detail some might brush over but's important especially since his childhood in RHATO #0 shows that he really has been taking care of himself his whole life. Jason never had anyone look after him when he was sick because his father never cared/wasn't around and his mother was likely drugged out. In fact he was the one taking care of others. Jason doesn't know how to deal with being looked after and doesn't expect attention.

When Bruce arrives it's a pleasant surprise since it's likely the first time he ever had any proof anyone cares about him. The first real taste of family he's ever had. Then it hits you that Jason gave up that memory and felt that was holding him back. Probably the reason it hurt so much to think that Bruce wouldn't avenge him meant him not caring. Well played Mr. Lobdell, one of the only times in recent years that a comic got me so choked up.

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