Sunday, February 16, 2014

Short Reviews: Forever Evil #5 and Batman #28

FE was on my pull list but it was delayed so I finally got around to getting it. While at my LCS I decided to get Batman #28 to see if it lived up to the hype.


Forever Evil #5

Geoff Johns' writing had become very hit or miss for me lately. Issue four was a hit this was a miss. The book is soooooo slow and characters like Sinestro feel very unneeded. This didn't hold my interest much and would have been so much better if it was mixed up a little. Power Rings' death just sort of happens without anyone really caring but I think something will come into play with the ring. But think about this for a second: Luthors' team finally gets together in this issue and there's two issues left. I want to drop it but at this point I feel like I have to see this through.

Batman #28

This was really good and I find myself liking Harper despite previously being indifferent to her. I'm very leery about Batman Eternal especially since Snyder won't be a writer per se but rather the show runner. This makes me unsure of the series particularly the fact that I'm not a fan of two of the main writers work. That said this looks awesome and makes Batman Eternal seem epic. But there are still some things that are worrying. Selina talks about Batman losing his allies and her. I take this to mean he's once again at odds with the rest of the bat family and does his typical asshole route. I'm not a fan of that and Harper kind of underlines that separation in her exchange with Batman. He notices her improved skill which she admits was thanks to his "sidekicks." By the sound of it Bruce isn't fond of her being trained and seems surprised by it. He wouldn't be if he was working with his kids.

I'm also a little confused why Bruce is so annoyed with Harpers' gun. It's non-lethal and he's used Tasers before. Hell he was okay with Jason using his guns during their team ups as long as he doesn't kill anyone. Other than those things I truly enjoyed this. Selina became a serious player, Stephanie is being set up as one too and Bruce gets called out for his jerky behavior. Here's hoping some good happens for Dick and Jason who are the only ones that don't have any information released for Batman Eternal.


  1. I assume that Batman is just being...Batman. But considering he's on his fifth sidekick in only five years, I can understand why he might be...twitchy.

    But heavens, "Forever Evil" has been dragging on forever and ever and ever...!

  2. I'm not sure she's his sidekick yet since he seems annoyed by it then goes with it because she's there.

    It really is, granted it's still faster and better written than RHATO lately.