Friday, December 19, 2014

Batman and Robin #37 Confusion

I saw some scans and there's some things that don't make sense to me.


  1. Wasn't the whole point of Bruce grief arc to help him get over and stop trying to bring back Damian? We all knew Damian was coming back but like this? Bruce decides to make it happen anyway?
  2. Jason is shocked that Damian is brought back to life? HE came back to life through means no one is sure of to this day. We're talking about a guy that broke out of his own coffin. Although he might be bothered by the fact Bruce is actually doing something to bring back the dead.
  3. Now Jason just thought that this was a mission to bring back Damians' body right? That may excuse this but I'm still bothered that it hasn't been addressed that returning from the dead isn't all a perfect process. According to Jason coming back to life was worse than death (which was terrible on it's own.) I would have liked to see him tell Bruce off for his shortsightedness.


  1. I always think it is a little tough on all the Robins, when they realize that Bruce still loves Damian best.

  2. Depends on who's writing honestly. Tomasi? Yeah he always makes Damian the favorite and has him get away with everything. In some books Dick was the golden child, Tim would be mini Batman heir apparent and Jason has Bruce mourning him to the point he went into near murderous rages to the edge of insanity for years. Apparently at one point Bruce nearly put him in the pit himself before worrying about the affects. Even Cassandra had moments where Bruce seemed to favor her for her skill which made her an equal if not a superior to him.