Thursday, December 11, 2014

Short Review: Storm #1

I got this free during an online promotion for the series and decided to check it out.


Storm helps out in a country before the authorities tell her to leave with thinly disgused mutant hatr. Since this could create a situation she agrees with Beast to go although she doesn't like it. Back at the school there's a problem with a student that's suddenly moody. The girl formerly nicknamed Flourish now calls herself Creep due to the other students calling her that. Creep gives some idiotic spiel on how the X-Men are trying to brainwash them and Storm is a sell out. This ticks Storm off and she goes back to the town she was at before to help out. The authorities come with tanks now threatening to move the people to a new location. Storm kicks their asses, returns to the school to APOLOGIZE to Creep and then return her to her family.

Overall: The parts with Creep really irritated me. She seems to imply the X-Men are keeping her there against her will. Well they took her home in the end so all she had to do is ask to go. Instead she throws a hissy fit and calls Storm a sellout. This upsets Storm because she thinks she handled the situation with the town poorly? As Beast points out they weren't trying to start a war and while she may be in the right morally who knows what will happen once she leaves. Having Storm apologize to Creep didn't feel right because she wasn't wrong. I

 heard that Creep will return as a supporting cast member which unfortunately helps me make the decision to not pick up future issues. I was already iffy about getting into this series because I've been out of the X-Books for a long time and the price point. Storm is awesome on her own and I wish this series the best of luck.

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