Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Ongoing canon battle in Star Wars

I don't think I have mentioned my love of Star Wars much on this site. I mostly stick to comics rather than talk about movies and tv shows. I felt the need to go over my feelings on the criticism some fans have due to the apparent ending the Expanded Universes' canon status. (Sound familiar ?)

For those who don't know or are causal SW fans the Expanded Universe is basically everything that wasn't in the movies but continues the stories of the characters, species and/or universe George Lucas created. Whether it be novels, comics or games. This started before the prequels were made so needless to say some Jedi lore, etc. doesn't match up. Personally I could take it or leave it as a few of the ideas rubbed me the wrong way. For me Boba Fett died in Return of the Jedi and reading/seeing otherwise never worked for me. While the Thrawn novels were interesting I hated the idea of essentially creating Kryptonite for the force users. In current canon (Clone Wars) it annoys the hell out of me that Darth Maul is brought back after he was literally cut in half. Obi-Wan Kenobi was the first Jedi of his era to kill a Sith and that's gone. The Expanded Universe didn't really feel like it was a continuation of the story for me (except a good portion of the prequel work since they had more information to use.) A lot never gelled for me.

Some fans complain that the animated show Star Wars Rebels took away their EU from being canon but I think it'd happen regardless of this show existing just because of the new movies being made. It gets a lot of hatred for this reason. One episode brought up a character that appeared in the background in a couple of the prequels and was used far more in the EU material. There's even an argument on the Facebook page over whether or not she died in a certain area because past stories said she did.

I do feel sorry for those who lost the canon label on EU but hopefully it material can still be made so EU (Legends) and current canon can exist for all fans.

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