Monday, December 15, 2014

New Solicits

Last Month I had nothing to talk about, this month gives me a few topics.

Deathstroke: Their really giving Slade an evil-er dad as his enemy? How old is he supposed to be in current canon? He had three grown kids last I checked.

Endgame Tie Ins: Batgirl is the only one from the main bat family getting an one shot? Grayson I understand since he's a spy but no Tim, Jason, Kate or even Damian? I'd like to read more with the first three. Well I'll be getting the Gotham Academy one at least.

Damian Appearances: As mentioned elsewhere I haven't been fond of Damian since the start of new 52 and dislike the retread of death/resurrection with him. Seeing these solicits now has the added bonus of powers which IMO makes him even less appealing. Of all the Robins to give powers...although technically he might be the second.

Secret Origins: With Guy Garner and others. I'll flip though this to decide if I want it. I can't remember if I disliked his new origin or not. I think he comes from a police family and has a sister now? That his dad was disappointed he didn't become a cop? Or am I thinking of something else?

Red Hood and the Outlaws: I guess the Christmas issue will have all the joy as the trio continue to explore some problems plaguing their lives. This may be the first new 52 Starfire vs. Blackfire battle too which sounds interesting.

Gotham Academy: Even if I didn't like this book I think I'd get this issue just to see Olive fight Batman. Whether it amounts to anything or not the cover is awesome.

Variants: I noticed that Jason only appears on the Matrix spoof and it reminds me of my biggest problem with these variants. Namely that they rarely--if ever--go to lesser known titles! This could be used as a better marketing tool to help other series and their not taking advantage of it!

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