Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Five Member Time Masters Team

I saw a meme asking who you'd pick for a five member team. I chose the Time Masters.
  1. Rip Hunter: It'd be weird to have this team without him and naturally I'd make him the leader. Most of the characterization from the second BG series would be present although he'd be showcased in a more active role. Fighting hand to hand as well as his technical skill. There would be some friction within this group based on his mysterious status and personal history with each member. It'd vary in degrees depending on who the person is. 
  2. Booster Gold: The same set up of "greatest hero you never heard of" with the added twist of working with people he's unsure of. There would be the same unusual father/son dynamic with Rip with Booster not knowing what to think of his mentor. A few of their teammates think the Time Master is using Booster as a witless stooge raising questions he also wonders. At the same time he'd feel protective of Rip since a lot of people are trying to kill him and he's more suspicious of a couple other members. Skeets would automatically come with him so he's not counted on this list.
  3. Liri Lee/Waverider: I've always wondered about Liri and what the plans for her were. From what I recall she was the only Linear Man/time traveler Superman trusted because she broke the rules to do what he considered the right thing. Liri would sort of get stuck in a situation that required her to work with other time travelers whether she liked them or not. Given her history with Rip in TMVP it'd be interesting to see them forced to work together. Naturally she's not thrilled with him and he thinks she endangered the timeline. Booster would start to worry for Rips' safety even though both parties claim it won't come to that. The raw power she provides would also make her the powerhouse of the team.
  4. Walker Gabriel/Chronos 2: Conflicting storytelling has him either as a loyal supporter of Rip or someone who Rip thinks is a danger for being an anomaly. Personally I'd use that status to help them on mission as Walker adds an unpredictable element. He a wild card with power of his own that plays hero or villain depending on his mood. Booster wouldn't know what to make of him, Liri wouldn't trust him and Rip would just act vague. Walker is mainly trying to get by as he no longer has a place to call home and ticked off a lot of people. He steals to get by and usually causes trouble. Still he knows a lot of things Booster doesn't about time travel (not as much as Rip) and knows someone has to save all of creation. Extra bonus is that he's aware of all the reboots which might make him a little jaded.
  5. The Rookie?: For the last spot I'd like someone that's a newbie to time travel, much more than Booster. I'd either pick Michelle for this for someone like Trixie just because she isn't family. With the Booster and Rip team up I'm not sure if I'd want more blood ties in this group. But basically this person feels completely out of their depth with no idea who to trust. Yes they'd trust Booster but they might also think he's in over his head. Now these issues would be smoothed out over time but at the start there would be tension. Of course none of these people want to hurt the rookie and each looks out for them. The rookie however would help the reader see time travel through their eyes as well as explore these characters.

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