Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Warriors VOL. 2

Let's see how the second volume of the classic New Warriors fares.

  • Night Thrasher is far more likable and skilled in this trade. While he still has vengeance problems he's not snapping into fits of rage. The detail of him not fighting as well when he is conflicted works much better at telling his story.
  • Sil is awesome even if she's a little fan service-y with the nude teleports. She refuses to be helpless or a victim.
  • While there's still some corny writing this is written better than vol. 1.
  • I liked the Punishers' appearance and while it gives him the odd role as mediator I totally buy that he would do that if teens/kids were involved. Frank knows that he's stuck in the endless loop of revenge but tries to stop others from going down the same path. It is a little cheesy to end things like that but it doesn't go overboard. 
  • Namorita smiling after her of panel battle with Aqueduct since he tried to beat her with water.
  • The New Warriors getting payback for hacking the Hellfire Club. I like that they were discovered and it comes back to bite them in the rear. Firestars' past with the Hellions and Emma Frost was a lot of fun. I just love that she broke away from that environment and does what she knows is right. Emma's arrogance when she says she might accept Angelina's apology is highly amusing.
  • Since I liked the X-books from this time the crossover wasn't jarring for me although I can see how a new comer might hate it. Personally I liked that the team is mingling with other heroes.
  • The team reacting to Robbie being younger than all of them. It's just cute.
  • That Genetech returned which made the crossover flow better than it would have without them.

  • I do appreciate the idea of people with a good cause (saving the environment) being show as just as ruthless as the people they fight...this was a little goofy. I think I saw Plant Man in the reprinted original X-Men trades but their all pretty forgettable as villains.
  • Night Thrasher doesn't do much after his character arc and for some reason Vance seems to be in charge when the crossover happens.
  • The plot with the energy absorbing kid forced to gain power until he exploded--by his own mother. The things she says and does to him are horrible. It's just hard to read at times. The story ends with the villains deciding to use the woman and her other kid in the future. 
Not Sure How I Feel:
  • Nova and Namorita banter. It's fine sometimes but the overly suggestive line he has came off far more sleazy than flirty.
  • Robbie's mom. Yes she was in over her head but I don't know if I like her at this point.

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