Sunday, December 28, 2014

Things I'm looking Foward to in 2015

Whether I know they are coming out or things I hope are coming out. Plus a few things that are worrying that are coming up.

Comics being Released:
  • Main Star Wars books-I may trade wait for most of it but I'm getting the first Star Wars issue. The cost is very daunting to follow three books for $3.99 ($4.99 for the first issues.) It's Star Wars so I think it'll have plenty of support. Having a Princess Leia book is a dream come true.
  • Star Wars Kanan-A series following a character from animated Star Wars Rebels from his life as a padawan through order 66 onward. I love the character and seeing what he goes through sounds very interesting.
  • Spider-verse Team Up #3-Which has the original Spider-Girl team returning to tell a new tale about Mayday Parker. Unfortunately they have to work with the mess they were given but at least May will be written with depth again.
  • Gotham Academy-More specifically whatever this Oliver vs. Batman thing is. 
  • RHATO-I'm a little fearful but definitely curious how this arc will end and what it will mean for the leads.
  • Booster Gold?-I know he'll turn up I'm just not sure how that will play out. Hopefully it will give the character as much positive limelight as the 52 weekly series. Maybe Booster will get another series.
  • Rip Hunter-He's returning looking the same as he did in TMVP. Sure this doesn't mean he'll act the same but for someone worried about his absence and a possible return to his cyborg look this was a huge relief. I'm hoping Rip gets some good stories.
  • Batgirl-Starring Stephanie Brown as the title character working with Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain! For anyone reading Stephanie's Batgirl series seeing her with Cass is a must.
  • JLI-I'm not sure if this follows up on the Generations Lost plots but I'm intrigued.
  • Question-Renee returns as Question. What else do you need to know?
  • Blue Beetle-Admittedly I'm less excited about this one as it's in the Charleston world but Ted is back as Blue Beetle.
Things I want to be Released:
  • Scarlet Spider/New Warriors-I'm leaning more towards Scarlet Spider although I'd like either. Kaine is seriously my favorite male spider character at the moment. I'd like to read more of his story and don't pick up other books he appears in just to get a few panels and OOC writing. The Scarlet Spiders mini will be wrapping up next month which also hints at one of the leads dying, something I'm not looking forward to. 
  • MC2 Spider-Girl series-No lie Mayday Parker currently holds the record for the longest lasting female solo at Marvel. Fans kept bringing it back from cancellation for years and it's a well loved world. At least until Spider-Verse and what looks like bad stuff coming with Secret Wars. But we need a return to Mays' world and to undo what was done to her life.
  • More Waves of Capullos' Designer Figures-At the very least the Bat Family needs to be completed. Which means Red Hood, Red Robin, Robin and maybe Alfred.
  • More Waves of Lil' Gotham-Are we only getting one wave? This likewise needs the entire family. Alfred, Nightwing, Red Hood (helmet less is fine), Red Robin and Oracle.
Things I'm Dreading:
  • The Return of Batman Eternal-I only have the first tade but there are things I'm not too fond of and don't wish to see expanded on.
  • Possible Cancellations in the Future-After DC dropped all those books at once anything (except Superman and Batman) seems like fair game.
  • Secret Wars-MC2 characters are back in an event that mentions worlds being destroyed. Yeah it makes you nervous as a fan of those characters.
  • The Fall Out of these Big Events-Will characters you love be killed off pointlessly? Will timelines shift? There are a lot of things to worry about.


  1. Hope and Dread seem to be pretty reasonable emotions about the new year!

  2. Yep. Some things you know will be fine while others you have to wait and see. And dread.